The Lutherville-Timonium Baseball Association (LTBA) is operated by volunteers, people who give generously of their time and talent to provide opportunity for the youth of our community to play organized baseball. Without them, there would be no baseball for the kids in this area.
To honor the “best of the best”, those who have contributed most significantly, the LTBA offers the honor of membership in the LTBA Hall of Fame. It’s a very special group, most of whom have taken a very special interest and have given of their time and talents unselfishly to make some mark on our program. To all of these persons we owe a very special thanks.

InducteeYear Inducted
E.(Pop) Compton
Bill Eyring
Dave Goodwin
Jean Goodwin
Steve Harris
Rich Kucner
Ed Lewis
Don Lewis
Kevin Murphy2002
Joe Pfaff
Ron Reuter
Larry Romanini
Leslie Strawhand
Vernon Strawhand
Fred Sturm
Pete Tarantola
Larry Thanner
Nick Tsakalos
Dwight Kines2005
Bob Burros2008
Mike Boblooch2009
Ken Rock2012
Eric Kihn2012
Scott Shipley2014
Mike Malone2021
Mike McCullough2021