Definitions for field status

Field use is pending

this means the fields are questionable and a decision will be made closer to game time.

All field use is cancelled Closed

this means no games or practices on the diamonds or the grassy areas of our home fields (Timonium ES, Hampton ES, Pinewood ES, Ridgely MS, Orchard Hills, Villa Maria)

All diamond use is cancelled Grass

this means no games or practices on the diamonds but you may still use the grassy areas if you choose to hold practice

Field use is a Game time decision Open

This means the manager (for practice) or umpire (for games) will make the determination whether or not games should be played.  Determining factors are safety first and potential damage to field second.  If the ground is soft and you think the players will make divots in the dirt, the field should not be used.

Field being used for travel game

This means the field has been prepared and can be used for a travel game.

*For travel teams and for our 13-15 league, you will have to check with the home field representative to find out if your games are affected.